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Keith Scally is the Claims Manager of our San Francisco area office. He is one of our Cargo Surveyors, a Marine Hull Surveyor and Multi-Line Adjuster. Keith is also the Senior Investigator of our Northern California Special Investigations Unit. He handles Marine Hull, P&I, Cargo and CGL claims, as well as Aviation losses. Keith is currently in the middle of a private pilot course. He is one of our primary claims investigators and adjusters for stolen cargo and transport vehicle claims.

One of his critical skills is the very quiet and low key professional approach Keith brings to his investigations. Prior to joining our firm, Keith served 21 years with the US Coast Guard, primarily in the Special Investigations field. While working with the Investigations branch, he handled many sensitive cases, as well as numerous more typical cases on tuna seiners, as well as many different types of US Flagged commercial fishing vessels. He was a Department of Transportation US Coast Guard and US Customs Special Agent. Keith also acted as liaison with various foreign governments on cooperative tasks including law enforcement, Search and Rescue, fishery agreements/disputes, environmental protection, etc. He was the Department of Transportation representative to the Regional Emergency Transportation Region 9 Taskforce (RETCO 9), liaising with State Police and California Highway Patrol groups and commercial transportation task forces. He investigated interstate commercial transportation cargo thefts, illegal alien and narcotics smuggling, and embezzlement cases with various local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. He has an extensive small boat operations background. During his Coast Guard career, he served as an operator/coxwain on various types of rescue craft including rigid hull inflatables and 41 foot Cutters. He graduated from the University of South Florida in 1987 with a Criminal Justice degree.

Keith's in depth knowledge of US Coast Guard, as well as State, Local and Federal law enforcement personnel and procedures is a valuable asset to the firm. His previous experience has contributed to excellent working relationships with not only the Coast Guard, but other Federal Agencies.

Keith has been with us since 1998.