Centralized Assignments
and Claims Supervision

Our Process

On receipt of an assignment, we assign a claim to a Functional Area Manager (FAM). We send acknowledgement of receipt of the claim within 24 hours and issue a first report within 10 days. Our FAM evaluates the investigation required, then assigns the claim to an adjuster at either an Arnold office or one of our teaming offices. The FAM supplies the adjuster with all required instructions and data to accomplish the required investigation. At the completion of the initial investigation, the adjuster reviews findings with the FAM prior to writing the initial report or making claims handling entries. The adjuster then writes the first report, which is reviewed by the FAM. The FAM directs additional investigation as required. Reporting continues using formats, data and criteria to meet clients' needs.

Contact for Claims

To ensure accurate, timely and thorough service, all claims are reported to our head office in San Diego. While we accept assignments through any of our offices, our system of checks and balances works best if assignments are called, faxed or e-mailed to:

(800) 207-9301
(800) 207-9324

Incoming mail and outgoing reports and letters are read by a FAM and one of the Arnolds. One of the firm principals is always available to discuss claims with you or your clients.

Offices and Teaming Offices
Throughout the Hemisphere


Arnold and Arnold has 90 Operating Locations nationwide, located in areas where our clients frequently need our services and staffed with highly qualified adjusters who understand their region well. We handle claims in American Samoa and the Pacific Region from our Honolulu office.

Our Piper Turbo Aztec, Cherokee Arrows and Cessna 150 aircraft allow us to work cost effectively throughout the entire United States and Northern Mexico. Our wide ranging claims base makes it possible on many claims to prorate travel expenses to Mexico, Central and South America, as well as across the Pacific Region.

Teaming Offices

To provide our clients with uniformly high standards, we have established relationships with highly qualified teaming offices so that we cover all 50 states with appropriately licensed adjusters and investigators. Our teaming offices reduce client costs by eliminating unnecessary travel, as well as provide local expertise. With the exception of secretarial services, they are fully supported by the Arnold and Arnold, Inc. home office.

Staff at these offices are not our employees, but report on our letterhead using our procedures. Each teaming office maintains its own minimum $1 million E&O coverage. We would be pleased to work with local adjusters and investigators with whom you have had good results in the past.


Normal claims reporting is via electronic means, including standard sized enclosures. Reports, photographs and enclosures are normally provided as PDF (Adobe Acrobat) documents.

Medical Bill Review

We use bill review companies on all claims as a matter of course. We also use review services to provide medical following on claims that do not seem to be moving along medically, or when a problem is expected at the outset. Using these services involves no extra costs on claims and can both increase medical care effectiveness and decrease care costs.


Monthly Cycle

We bill on a monthly cycle, subject to credit approval. Invoicing for work done by teaming office adjusters is sent to us for review. After evaluation, we either pay those bills directly or submit them to the client for payment. We do not add overhead costs to teaming office charges.